Commercial MOT in Salisbury

Oct 10, 2017

Commercial MOT

Brunel Motors can provide class 4, and class 7 commercial MOT’s in Salisbury, having the specialist expertise and experience necessary to properly test and repair these classes of vehicles.

We can perform commercial MOTs on vehicles from our Salisbury based, family-run garage which is fully equipped with a state-of-the-art testing lane and specialist diagnostic equipment. The heavier and larger class 7 commercial vehicles are tested at a specialist offsite location with one of our long-trusted partners.

Which class is my commercial vehicle?

Our class 4 MOT is for passenger cars which seat up to eight passengers and motor caravans, dual-purpose vehicles and goods vehicles weighing up to 2,999 kg. Class 4 vehicles are the most common type of vehicle you’ll see on UK roads. If you’re not sure which class your commercial vehicle is, please give us a ring on 01722 337 822 or pop in to discuss.

A class 7 commercial MOT covers commercial vehicles that weigh between 3,000 kg and 3,500 kg. Typical vehicles which fall into this category include the popular Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter, but if you’re not sure how much your commercial vehicle weighs it should state so in the vehicle’s handbook. Again, if you’re unsure please give us a ring on 01722 337 822 or pop into the garage.

What are commercial MOT’s for?

Like family vehicles, most commercial vehicles require an annual commercial MOT check if the vehicle in question is over three years of age.

The commercial MOT checks the safety, road-worthiness and environmental standard of the vehicle against a minimal threshold. While everyone hopes their vehicle will pass the MOT without fail, you can be assured that if there is any work required we are at hand to complete it, usually on the same day. We also offer a free re-test after the work is carried out, even if not by ourselves if it’s within ten working days of the original MOT.

Contact us to book your commercial MOT in Salisbury today on 01722 337 822.

Brunel Motors also provides fleet servicing in Salisbury, and depending on the fleet size and arrangement, we can offer preferential labour rates, discounted parts and reduced commercial MOTs for your vehicles. Get in touch to discuss!

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