Promotional Car Service Prices and Deals

Here you will find all of our great current promotional car service prices and deals. Remember to check this page regularly as deals are monitored, checked and changed on a regular basis. Please note that none of our promotional car service prices and deals can be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.

Current promotion: Front tracking check and adjust £65.00 inc vat.

Note front tracking includes check and adjust+post adjustment road test only. It does not include checking any steering or suspension components for play/wear (Extra charge may be applied if adjusters are seized)

Current promotion: Full four-wheel alignment check £60.00 inc vat.

Note four-wheel alignment check includes a pre-check road test, vehicle raised on hoist all steering and suspension and components checked for play/wear and pre-adjustment road test. Any adjustments are done at extra charge.

Current promotion: SUMMER check £59.00 INC VAT.

Our Summer checks include all lights, levels, tyre pressures and tread depth checks. Also included is a battery and charging system check. Don't have a summer break down on your holidays book in with us today!