motability car adaptations FAQs


Where will my motability car adaptations be installed?

We have a fully fitted workshop at our garage here in Salisbury where most of the motability car adaptations will be installed. For more information on how to contact or visit us, please check out our contact page.

Do I have to notify my insurance company about any adaptations I have installed?

It is always advisable to notify your insurance company of any changes to either your vehicle or yourself.

Do I have to notify the DVLA that I use driving adaptations?

It is always advisable to notify the DVLA that you are using driving adaptations.

Do all adaptations fit all cars?

Different motability car adaptations are available for most vehicles but sometimes they are unsuitable for various reasons. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

Does my car have to be new to have an adaptation installed?

Although most of the cars which have adaptations fitted are new, we can also put many adaptations into older vehicles.

I already have my Motability car, can I still have adaptations fitted?

Yes, you can still have adaptations fitted after you have collected your Motability vehicle although you will not pay the lower price that would be available when purchasing adaptations with a new Motability vehicle.

Can I have adaptations fitted to my Motability car?

Yes, you can have adaptations fitted to your Motability car. Please call us for details & advice.

Where are my local driving assessment centres?

The closest centres to our location are in Bristol and Southampton. For contact information about these centres, visit this page.