Lodgesons hand controls for disabled drivers.

Lodgesons hand controls for disabled drivers

Lodgesons are the UK's only manufacturer of hand controls for disabled drivers including the popular wireless keypad controls. They are one of Motability's leading suppliers.

Brunel Motors is proud to be an approved installer of all Lodgesons disabled hand controls. Including multi-function steering balls, multi-function Lollipop grips as well as standard grip steering balls and standard grip Lollipop grip quick release steering devices.

All of the different steering devices are available in 7 functions (R207 keypad), 10 and 13 functions (R210/R213 keypad) and 18 functions (R218 keypad) hand controls.

All of Lodgesons hand controls for disabled drivers are available to be fitted by Brunel Motors through the Motability scheme as well as for private customers.