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BRaun-aBILITY adaptations, including disabled swivel car seats

BraunAbility is a Swedish company with two other partners in America; Bruno Independent Living Aids and BraunAbility. Autoadapt AB has a network of approved installers around the globe and is the leading manufacturer of disabled swivel car seats and other adaptive seating solutions for people with disabilities/mobility difficulties.

They are also market leaders in innovative disabled car adaptations such as floor-mounted hand controls, ergonomic steering devices, vehicle-mounted wheelchair hoists and roof-mounted wheelchair storage systems.

Autoadapt has recently acquired Unwin Safety Systems a UK based company in Somerset. Autodapt also has a subsidiary in the UK, Autoadapt UK with the latest procurement of Unwin, Autoadapt UK have now moved its offices to Martock.

Autoadapt UK is the sole distributor for the KIVI product range in the UK and Ireland. KIVI manufacture products like ring accelerators, secondary controls, transfer plates and various other products.

Brunel Motors are proud to say that they have achieved approved installer status for the entire Autoadapt car adaptations, including the popular disabled swivel car seats. Brunel Motors welcomes private customers as well as those going through the Motability scheme. You can wait in comfort in our large waiting area which is fully wheelchair accessible and has a disabled toilet. Andy - the owner of Brunel Motors - is a wheelchair user and can provide first-hand advice regarding disabled swivel car seats and other products. So, why not come to Brunel Motors and let us get you back behind the wheel?

Please take a look at some examples of completed installs of Autoadapt's disabled swivel car seats and other products by Brunel Motors and some examples of the Autoadapt product range below.