Ford Car Service & MOT Garage in Salisbury

Save a third off the price of your next Ford car service with Brunel Motors, Salisbury’s only independent Ford specialist. We will provide the same level of service at a lower cost.

We have the very same diagnostic equipment and expertise you’ll get at the Ford dealership, but can service your Ford car without you having to pay dealership rates. We have the very same access to the Ford Integrated Diagnostic System updates as soon as they are released; you’ll receive the same level of service at a fraction of the cost.

Ford car service

We can follow Ford service schedule sheets for any model/service using genuine Ford parts, thus not affecting your warranty. For older Fords that do not have any warranty conditions see our servicing page for our fixed price service options.

If your Ford does require any new parts then we can supply genuine Ford parts at lower prices than you'd pay at the dealership, or for some repairs, we can provide compliant OEM parts (such as brake discs and pads) at roughly half the price you’d pay at the Ford dealership.

By being able to provide labour and Ford parts at a much lower cost than at the expensive dealerships means we can save our customers a lot of money. For example, for a recent customer, we fitted a new ABS control unit for a total price of £800 (+ VAT), yet at the Ford dealership, the same unit was priced at £1,500 (+ VAT). We saved our customer nearly 50% for exactly the same part and service.

Ford MOTs

Being a specialist Ford garage in Salisbury means we’re the best place to get your Ford MOT from. We only charge a standard fee with no re-test fee. For further details regarding MOTs, please see our MOT page.

For Ford car service & MOT garage in Salisbury, call Brunel Motors on 01722 337 822 or email