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Alfred Bekker adaptations, including disabled hand controls for cars

Alfred Bekker is the oldest and most versatile private manufacturer of disabled hand controls for cars and other driving aids in the world and since 1975 have been a market leader in the production of disabled driving aids.

Alfred Bekker design and manufacture disabled hand controls for cars such as standard right-hand push-pull brake accelerator kits (both with or without indicator switches), left-hand brake accelerator kits, hand-operated brake only kits, hand-operated clutch only kits for manual cars, left foot accelerator kits, pedal guards, pedal extensions and many other disability driving aids.

Brunel Motors can install all of Alfred Bekker disabled hand controls and other car adaptations in their fully equipped workshop by their highly trained vehicle adaption installers/mobility specialists. In fact, Andy one of our mobility specialist installers is a full-time wheelchair user himself so has a great insight into any adaptions, including hand controls for cars, that you may require or advice that you may need. We can fit any of these disabled hand controls for cars both through the Motability scheme or for private customers. We have a large fully accessible waiting area inc a fully accessible disabled toilet. So, you can wait in comfort while we work. Brunel Motors has worked with Alfred Bekker to produce some bespoke one-off left-hand brake accelerator kits for various vehicles. Below are some examples of the innovative bespoke disabled hand controls and other adaptions that Brunel Motors have fitted and helped to design in partnership with Alfred Bekker. 

So, why not come to Brunel Motors and let us get you back behind the wheel?

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