Demo car with mobility adaptations

Brunel Motors has a very well equipped Ford Galaxy demo car with mobility adaptations. We are more than happy to demonstrate any of the products at your home, place of work, car dealership, or if you prefer, at our disabled accessible headquarters in Salisbury where we can carry out the demonstration undercover.

If you wish to discuss in detail any aspect of our demo car with adaptations, such as what products are suitable for you and your car, lead time for installation and price, please get in touch. We can discuss options in our fully accessible first-floor offices where complimentary refreshments are available.

We are constantly adding driving, seating, lifting and stowing products to the vehicle to demonstrate.

At present, it is equipped with the innovative Brig Ayd push brake, electronic trigger throttle hand controls and an Autoadapt state of the art Turny Evo electronic programmable rotating seat fitted to the passenger side front. This can be programmed to meet your specific requirements. The demo car also showcases an Autoadapt Chair Topper, lifting and stowage roof box (for folding wheelchairs), and an Autochair 100 kg Olympian eco hoist (we also have a brand Sunrise Pearl mobility scooter to demonstrate in conjunction with the hoist).

We have a wide range of steering wheel adaptation spinners from standard fixed and quick release to specialist steering balls. We also have Lodgesons "lollipop" grip and steering ball with keypad multi-function secondary steering control key devices available to try.

The range of products is constantly being updated so please call us for our current products.

We can carry out the demonstration undercover.