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Brig-Ayd disability aids for cars

Brig-Ayd Controls is one of the UK’s leading manufacture and supplier of various disability aids for cars, including wheelchair lifts, hand controls, steering knobs, throttle and brake controls and clutch systems. Brig-Ayd Controls has specialised in car disability aids since 1975 generating more than thirty years experience.

Brig-ayd disability aids for cars allow disabled people to use almost any make or model of vehicle. Their equipment is manufactured at Brig-Ayd Controls in Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire and is made to the highest engineering standard. Brig-Ayd is well known throughout the UK and we have fitters across the country, offering swift and efficient installation of scooter hoists and disability aids.

Brunel Motors are proud to say that they have achieved approved installer status for the entire Brig-Ayd product range. Brunel Motors can fit any of these products through the Motability scheme or for private customers. Brunel Motors has a large fully accessible waiting area including an accessible disabled toilet so you can wait in comfort while we fit your disability aids.

Additionally, Andy - the owner - is one of our disability aids specialist and can talk you through the various options and provide his insight into the most effective disability aids for cars. So, why not come to Brunel Motors and let us get you back behind the wheel?

Please take a look at some videos and photos of Brig-Ayd products and some completed installs by Brunel Motors.

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