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Autochair wheelchair & mobility scooter hoist for cars

Autochair is the UK's leading manufacturer of wheelchair and mobility scooter hoist for cars and other vehicle-mounted manual and power chair and people hoists.

Brunel Motors are proud to be approved installers of all the Autochair hoists. Below are a few videos of some of the completed Brunel Motors installations of Autochair hoists.

Watch below, a fully automatic roof-mounted storage device for folding wheelchairs and various videos of hoists in action.

For videos of the full range of products visit the Autochair website to see the range of solutions they offer and contact us with enquiries about fitting and prices for any of the adaptions you may be interested in, whether it may be through the Motability scheme or as a private customer.

Whether you're getting a mobility scooter hoist for your car fitted or just want some advice, we have a fully wheelchair accessible waiting area with a disabled toilet so you can wait in comfort. Andy who owns Brunel Motors and is the specialist disabled aid fitter (including wheelchair and mobility scooter hoist for cars) is a wheelchair user himself and is always happy to share his knowledge, opinions and experience. Come to Brunel Motors and let us get you back behind the wheel.

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