About your Salisbury MOT Check

Our Salisbury MOT check is a compulsory annual test to ensure the safety, environmental standard and general road-worthiness of your vehicle as set out by the DVSA. MOT checks are compulsory when a vehicle becomes three years old and must be performed annually thereafter.

If your vehicle needs some work to help get it through the MOT test then we are on hand to complete any repairs that may be required. If your vehicle fails our Salisbury MOT check then Brunel Motors are on hand to complete any work needed, which can usually be carried out the same day. We will, of course, inform you of the cost of any repairs before commencing any work needed. Brunel Motors also offer a free re-test even if any repair work needed is not carried out by ourselves as long as the vehicle is presented back to us for a re-test within ten working days.

Contact Brunel Motors on 01722 337 822 of information about your Salisbury MOT check.

To help your vehicle pass the MOT check you can do a few basic tests yourself:

  • Check that all exterior lights work and replace defective bulbs as necessary.
  • Do the windscreen wipers clear the screen effectively? If not they may need to be replaced. (The rear wiper is not part of an MOT check, however)
  • Do the washer jets operate effectively? One of the most common MOT failures is washer jets supplying insufficient fluid (quite often due to the simple fact that the washer bottle is empty).
  • Do the washer jets provide an even spray to the correct areas of the screen? If not they can usually be manually adjusted using an inexpensive washer jet cleaning and adjusting tool (do not use a safety pin).
  • Check your windscreen for damage. Your windscreen will need to be repaired if it has damage that is larger than a 10 mm circle within zone A (270MM either side from the centre of the steering wheel and from the top to the bottom of the screen) or a crack or damage in excess of 40 mm anywhere else on the screen. If you have fully comprehensive insurance then your damaged screen can be replaced by simply having to pay the excess denoted in your policy (usually £50.00) and this does not affect your no claims bonus.
  • Check the levels of the engine oil, coolant and washer fluid. Top-up if necessary. If you are unsure how to do this just ask and Brunel Motors will be happy to do this for you free of charge.
  • Give the tyres a good check. Visually check the tread for any obvious damage. Tyres with bulges, cuts or very low tread depth should be replaced. If you feel confident enough check the tyre pressures again. If you're unsure then the Brunel motors service team would be more than happy to check the pressures for you.
  • All seatbelts should lockout and retract correctly, and be free from cuts/frays.
  • Check that all doors can be opened from the outside and that the front doors can be opened from the inside as well.
  • Check that the bonnet and luggage compartment can be opened and that the fuel cap is of the permanent type, can be removed and that the seal is intact.
  • Check that the horn works properly.

If you discover any problems then please let us know and we can advise the best course of action.

We should make it clear that our Salisbury MOT check is not a guarantee that your car is in good mechanical condition. You should still have your car serviced regularly to help keep it in sound condition, running well and to help avoid costly breakdowns in the future.

A standard MOT includes the following checks:

Pre MOT Walk-around Check

  • Body condition - Check for excessive corrosion and or sharp edges, correct and road legal.
  • Registration mark - Check that the chassis or VIN is present and legible.
  • Fuel cap - Is not a temporary one that can be opened and makes a good seal at the filler neck.


  • Registration plates - Registration plates must be legible and legal.
  • Lamps & Indicators - All lamps must illuminate correctly, including indicators and brake lights.
  • Headlamps & Aim - Headlights must be aligned correctly and bright enough.
  • Doors & Boot - All Doors must open freely.
  • Wipers - Wipers and washer jets must work freely and effectively.


  • Seat belts - Seat belts must tension correctly.
    Mirrors - All mirrors should be present and clear.
  • Controls - All controls such as steering wheel, stalks, and pedals must function correctly.
  • View to front - The windscreen should be free of obstacles. The windscreen must be in good condition without too many chips or cracks.

Under vehicle

  • Steering - Wheels must turn easily and steadily without excessive movement.
  • Driveshafts & Suspension - Suspension must be in good condition and CV joints must not have excessive movement or have cracked/broken boots.
  • Wheels, bearings & tyres - Tyres must have enough tread and be in good general condition, free from punctures and bulges.
  • Brakes - Brakes must work effectively.
  • Exhaust & Fuel - Exhaust fumes must not be beyond tolerance levels for the type of engine. The exhaust system must be adequately supported, free from blow and not be excessively noisy.
  • Structure & General Condition - The underbody should be in good general condition with little to no rust on structural components.

This is not an exhaustive list of checks and only gives a brief overview.