Car MOT Test FAQs

Can you help me remember my car MOT test?

The DVLA will not remind you about your car MOT test renewal date, but we can help!

If you give us your email and/or phone number we will text and email you 4 weeks before your MOT is due. If you provide your address instead we will pop you a reminder in the post instead.

Alternatively, when you collect your car you can ask one of our service members for a reminder key ring to keep either with your keys or even in your car.

We will always give you the exact day your car MOT expires.

When is my car MOT test due?

Car MOT tests must be performed yearly on most vehicles aged 3 years or older. To find out the status of your MOT and find out when it is up for renewal check The MOT certificate is valid for 12 months from the date of the test.

How early can I take an MOT test?

Your MOT test can be performed up one calendar month in advance of the expiry date. For example, if your MOT runs out on the 20th, the earliest you can book would be the 21st of the following month. If you would like to book a test more than 14 days in advance please complete our online booking enquiry form. For earlier appointments call us on 01722 337 822.

How long does the MOT take?

An MOT test usually lasts around 45 minutes, but please allow for up to an hour.

What type of vehicles do you MOT?

Class 4

  • Cars (up to 8 passenger seats), motor caravans.
  • Dual Purpose Vehicles - under 3000kg
  • Goods Vehicles (up to 3000kg DGW)

Class 7

  • Goods Vehicles over 3000kg up to 3500kg (by arrangement only).

What's included in the MOT?

Please see our MOT Check page for more information about what's covered in the test. It contains a specific MOT checklist.

What do I need to bring to my MOT?

You will not usually need to bring anything unless it is your first MOT or you have changed the registration since it was last tested, in which case we will need a V5C (log book).

What happens if the vehicle fails it's MOT?

We can usually carry out any repairs the same day and will always provide you with a costing for any work required to get your vehicle to pass its car MOT test and offer you a free re-test.

Should you wish to carry out the repairs yourself or take it to another garage you are allowed by law to drive your vehicle home or to a place of repair, but with no detours along the way.

Once the repairs have been carried out then as long as you have a booking with us you can drive your vehicle with no MOT to us and we will still offer you a free re-test as long as the vehicle is presented to us within the ten working days.

Is there a charge for re-testing?

Re-testing is free up to 10 days after the test.

How do I check if I have a valid MOT?

Check if your vehicle has a valid MOT online using the website:

What do I do if my MOT has run out?

Normally you can’t drive your vehicle on the road if the MOT has run out, and risk prosecution if caught. However, you are allowed to drive it to a pre-arranged MOT test. If your MOT has expired, contact us on 01722 337 822 to arrange an appointment.