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BMW brake accelerator systemBrunel Motors is one of the few expert installers of car mobility aids in the south of England. We have put together this guide to help our customers learn more about the various mobility aids available for their cars to help them lead more independent lives.

Vehicle adaptations and mobility aids are something we are passionate about. Andy – the owner of Brunel Motors – is a wheelchair user, being paralysed from the chest down. So, not only are we experts when it comes to fitting the various equipment and aids, we have the first-hand perspective of their use in the real world and know what makes a difference.

Here’s a list of the various car mobility aids that are available for fitting and how they can help disabled drivers and passengers:

Swivel seats

Car mobility seatIf you require assistance getting in and out of your car swivel seats are an ideal solution. For drivers needing a low level of assistance, there are simple turntable cushions available which you can simply place on your car seat to help with moving in and out of your car. On the other hand, swivel seat systems are available for drivers requiring higher levels of assistance.

We regularly fit swivel seat systems to help our customers get in and out of their car. These systems are available as manual operated – where you release a catch yourself and swing the seat around to face out of the car - or powered.

The right system for you depends on your abilities. Some swivel seats turn 90 degrees so that you’re facing out of the car while others will also come out over the sill of the door opening and lower/lift you into position.

Hoists and stowage

Car mobility hoistHoists and stowage boxes can be fitted to help lift and store wheelchairs and mobility scooters in your car.

As with most car mobility aids, hoists systems are varied. A simple two-way hoist will lift your wheelchair up and down but requires manual intervention to get the chair into the car once lifted. If you require the hoist system to bring the chair out of the car, or you need to use the hoist for a heavy wheelchair or mobility scooter, a four or six-way hoist would be the more suitable option.

There are some sophisticated telescopic hoists on the market which will lift/lower and load/unload your wheelchair or mobility scooter in one smooth action.

Steering knobs and controls

Car lollipop aidFrom simple to fit steering knobs to fully integrated steering controls (so you can also control headlights, window wipers, indicators etc. from the steering wheel), there is an array of options to help those who have limited movement in their arms while driving.

We have the Lodgesons Lollipop Grip steering control fitted to our demo car, one of the most popular car mobility aids for those suffering from limited mobility in their upper body. The Lollipop grip provides excellent comfort and steering ease, while also being fitted with the R200 keypad to operate the indicators, lights, horn, hazards, wipers and illumination for nighttime driving.

Push/Pull brake and accelerator controls

Hand control aidsDrivers with limited to no mobility in their legs can benefit from push/pull brake and accelerator hand controls for their car, enabling them to activate the brake and accelerator via a simple to use hand-operated lever fitted to the side of the steering wheel.

Push/pull controls have come a long way in recent years with the likes developed by Jeff Gosling and Alfred Bekker providing a smooth and extremely responsive feel.

We have this mobility aid added to our demo car for customers to try out and Andy also has them fitted to his personal car which he is more than happy to show visitors to Brunnel!

Speak to us for advice

Naturally, every person requiring car mobility aids will have a unique set of requirements relating to their abilities so there is no one-size-fits-all.

We’re available to discuss your individual requirements if you’re looking to get your car adapted with mobility aids. Our Salisbury based office is wheelchair friendly and air-conditioned. We can also provide a demonstration of the various aids available with our fully fitted demo car which we can show you at our premises, at your place of work or at your own home, whichever is easiest for you.

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