Family run MOT centre in Salisbury

Jun 16, 2017

Brunel Motors is the leading family-run MOT centre in Salisbury, providing Class 4 vehicle MOT tests (family cars, dual-purpose vehicles, vans) and Class 7 tests (light goods and commercial vehicles).

If your vehicle is older than three years old an MOT is compulsory on an annual basis to ensure road-worthiness. If your vehicle requires any work to get it through an MOT we will first contact you to let you know about the required work and the costs involved. Work can usually be carried out the same day in our MOT centre in Salisbury to ensure you’re not without your vehicle for any longer than necessary.

We also offer a free re-test if the vehicle is presented to us within a ten-day window of the original MOT test. This even includes vehicles in which the work needed is not carried out by ourselves at our garage in Salisbury.

If you’re looking for an MOT in Salisbury, contact us today on 01722 337 822.

MOT checks you can do yourself

  1. Are the engine oil, washer fluid and coolant at sufficient levels? Fill them up if not. If you’re unsure how to do this we can show you how to, free of charge.
  2. Do the tyres look in good condition, with no markings, wear and have high tread? If they don’t, they may require changing.
  3. Does the horn work properly?
  4. Are the exterior lights all working as expected? If not, try replacing the bulbs.
  5. Do the window wipers glide across the windscreens efficiently and clear them? If they jolt or don’t wipe properly then they may need replacements.
  6. Is the windscreen free from damage? Fully comp insurance will typically cover the cost of a replacement when the excess is paid.
  7. Do all the seatbelts retract, extend and clip into position properly? Are the seatbelts free of damage and fraying?
  8. Do the windscreen washers spray water evenly and to the correct parts of the windscreen? If not they can usually be easily re-positioned and cleaned.

These are a few MOT checks you can do yourself before bringing your vehicle into the MOT centre for testing. If you notice any problems highlighted above that you cannot fix, please let us know when you bring your vehicle in.

What an MOT check entails

An initial walk-around inspection
We check the overall condition of the body, including checks for corrosion and hazardous edges. The chassis or VIN number also needs to be visible and the fuel cap creates a sufficient seal around the neck.

Further checks of the exterior of the vehicle
The exterior lighting of the vehicle must work as expected, with the headlights correctly positioned and producing ample brightness and correct functioning of the indicators and brake lights. The wipers and jet washers must work effectively to ensure the windscreen can be cleared of rainfall and debris. All doors and the boot must open freely and the registration places must be legal and fully legible.

Checking the inside of the vehicle
The windscreen must be insufficient condition and allow an uninterrupted view for the driver. The various driver controls must all work as expected and the seats belts must be free from damage, frays and work safely.

Underneath the vehicle
The brakes must function efficiently and the driveshaft and suspension be in good working condition. The steering should work without the need for excessive turning and the exhaust system should be properly supported, not produce excessive noise or fumes that exceed tolerance levels.

It should be stressed that an MOT test alone does not ensure that your vehicle is in good mechanical shape, but instead means it has met the minimum legal requirements for road-worthiness. To ensure your vehicle remains in good shape you should ensure it is regularly serviced. Here at Brunel Motors we specialise in Ford servicing but can service nearly all vehicle makes.

If your car is up for its annual check, bring it to Brunel – the family-run MOT centre in Salisbury.

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