Disabled car adaptations: Brunel owner Andys first-hand experience living and working with a disability

Oct 25, 2017

I started Brunel Motors seventeen years ago as a fit and able young man, business and life was good. In 2008 whilst competing in a round of the British Moto Cross championships a freak low-speed accident left me paralysed from the chest down (T5 complete paraplegic).

Despite the challenges of my own disability I have managed to build the business to become Salisbury's leading independent garage and Mobility Specialist. I continue to actively run, perform, repair work in the workshop and fit the many available off the shelf vehicle adaptations such as wheelchair mobility hoists, various hand controls, brake, accelerator systems and wheelchair stowage roof boxes for customer's of the Motability Scheme and have completed many one-off bespoke adaptations for customer's in the private sector.

Andy working on a disabled car adaptation

Being an experienced mechanic with a physical disability gives me a unique perspective as to what adaptations customers may potentially need, I think it is probably this that reassures my customers when they come to Brunel Motors to discuss mobility adaptations. Like them, I understand the complexities of not only driving but also accessing vehicles when you have a physical disability.

Andy has owned Brunel Motors in Salisbury for seventeen years

Brunel motors has invested in our own Mobility Demo Car (Ford Galaxy) We are always adding the latest and best adaptations available to the demo car and we welcome those interested in mobility adaptations to make an appointment to come and see us for a hands-on demonstration of the products. We can then discuss their specific requirements and options in our fully accessible waiting area, alternatively, they can book a demonstration to be carried out at their home or place of work.

And when I'm not adapting cars...

Qualifying for the World Disabled Waterski Championships

Running the garage takes up considerable time with twelve-hour plus days being fairly common, but it's something I'm very passionate about and love doing. when I do get spare time away from the garage my other passions are snow and water skiing!

I'm extremely proud to represent my country in both of these disciplines. Finding the time to train and stay in the national team and compete against the best in the world, whilst working full time is very hard but well worth the sacrifice's I have to make.

Naturally, my busy schedule means the adaptations fitted to my own car get well used!

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