Air-con Servicing and repair in Salisbury

There is a common misconception that air-con is just about keeping cool during warm weather. In fact, it is advisable to use your air-con year-round, even when you require hot air from your vents. Doing so will ensure you have clean, filtered air circulating the car as the air-con system removes bacteria and pollutants. During damp conditions your air-con will help keep your windows from misting and keeps the seals lubricated.

By using your air-con throughout the year you also avoid system damage which is fairly common for those who do not use it during winter and then set it to maximum cooling for the first time in months when hot weather arrives!

So, as you can see, keeping your air-con system in top shape is more important than many people realise!

We are qualified air-con servicing and repair specialists based in Salisbury and are able to perform air-con repairs, nitrous oxide leak checks, anti-bacterial treatment, and more.

We offer a FREE, no obligation air-con temperature check. Simply give us a call and we can usually arrange to give you an exact digital temperature output that same day.

This is why a regular air-con service is recommended by car manufactures.

In addition, we can provide an air-con anti-bacterial treatment which most manufactures advise should be carried out at every service or at least every 12 months.

All of our air-con technicians are fully F-gas qualified and we have many years of experience providing air-con servicing in Salisbury. In addition, what sets us apart from many other garages is that we have the facilities and expertise to carry out nitrous oxide leak checks.

If you browse the websites of some of the national autocentres you may find that they recommend topping up the air-con yourself. In our experience this is not best practice. Please keep in mind the same autocentres are usually trying to sell refrigerant!

We have seen countless people who have attempted to top up the refrigerant and accidently overfill it, causing the internal pressure to go too high. Instead, the old refrigerant should be removed, recycled and replaced.

Our machines are able to remove the old refrigerant, perform a system vacuum test, renew the compressor oil and then the injection of fresh gas with a UV leak tracer dye which will help us detect any leaks you may have the in future.

If you have any concerns about your air-con, want a free temperature check or book your vehicle in for an air-con service in Salisbury, please get in touch.